Is Three Tikis a Food Stand or a Food Truck?

We are an easily transportable food stand that fits in a 10x10 ft space. Three Tikis has a tent, table, and freezer setup run by our generator. We can operate indoors or outdoors!

Can I Hire Three Tikis for an Indoor Event?

Yes! Since we are a food stand and not a food truck, we are very adaptable and can fit indoors or outdoors, as long as we have roughly 10x10 feet to set up!

Does Three Tikis Accept Debit/Credit Cards?

Yes! We use the Square POS system, so we can accept both cash and all major credit cards.

What Makes Three Tikis Authentic?

We source everything that we can directly from suppliers in Hawaii. That includes our machine, syrup concentrates, and technique of producing shave ice!

Can Three Tikis Accommodate my Dietary Restrictions?

Each component of our shave ice is optional, so we can easily make our product sugar-free, gluten-free, vegan/vegetarian, and dog-friendly!