Authentic Hawaiian Shave Ice

Bringing the Aloha to Atlanta!

About Us

What is Shave Ice?


Shave Ice is a traditional dessert found in Hawaii, and it consists of four main steps: 

First, a scoop of vanilla ice cream is put at the bottom of the bowl.

Then, we use our machine which comes straight from Hawaii to shave a large block of ice into soft, thin flakes.

We then add up to three flavors of your choice, all of which are made with cane sugar and sourced from Hawaii.

Finally, you get a choice of a sweetened condensed milk topping or a sour spray.

With flavors and techniques coming straight from Hawaii, we are bringing the spirit of Aloha to Atlanta!

Our Story


While visiting family in Hawaii, we discovered the amazing taste and experience of Shave Ice. It was love at first bite - and when we got back home to Sandy Springs, Georgia, we kept dreaming about eating that Hawaiian dessert again.

We just knew Shave Ice was something we had to bring to Georgia and share with everybody we knew. Since then, we haven't ever looked back! We've been working hard since March to bring the Aloha to Atlanta, and have you experience the same feeling!

A Flavor for Everybody


With 21 flavors and two topping options, the combination possibilities are worth coming back again and again. 

Enjoy the traditional Hawaiian flavor combo of Cherry, Banana, and Blue Raspberry

Try out a Vanilla-Cappuccino combo, or maybe experience something new altogether with Strawberry Dragonfruit or Li-Hing Mui! 

The possibilities are endless, so it'll be easy to find something to love for the whole family.