The Importance of Aloha & Conservation

Sharing the Spirit of Aloha

Hawaii is a beautiful environment full of rich tradition and culture. Everything from the land to the sea is cherished and celebrated in Hawaii, and a huge part of that culture is the Spirit of Aloha, which is an overarching concept and way of living. 

At its core, Aloha is the act of sharing love, respect, kindness, and positivity. It radiates through the islanders and native people, and a visit to Hawaii will show you just how strong this spirit of Aloha is. 

The Spirit of Aloha is contagious, and that's why we decided to bring Shave Ice - and Aloha - to Atlanta. We wanted to share this amazing experience and a fun, traditional dessert to the mainland while also spreading the Aloha to others.


Hawaii is currently undergoing multiple conservation and sustainability crises. We want to give back to the community which has given us so much, which is why we donate a portion of our proceeds to the Hawaii Conservation Alliance.